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We value quality above anything else. That’s how we win in a long run.
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Here is the story. Back at our home country, Kazakhstan, we started off with the Arbuz.kz – an online supermarket which has quickly became the largest one in the country, and the favourite choice of many. There it operates in 2 major cities – Almaty and Nur-Sultan. “Arbuz” stands for a melon. What can beat a fresh juicy melon on a hot summer day?! 

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In the beginning of 2021 we decided to expand globally. In order to do that, we secured $10M investments ​in a bridge round from current investors, and currently relocating our headquarters to the UK.

Now there is a new “fruit brand” coming around – a Pinemelon! It actually and naturally exists and as of now will help us represent what we stand for in online supermarket business. Hello Pinemelon!

Pinemelon has ambitious plans to land first in Belgium, and shortly after in other markets too. Follow our journey!

In case you


We started as Arbuz.kz in 2018 in Kazakhstan, a very

e-commerce obsessed country, and soon became the largest online supermarket in it's 2 major cities, Almaty and Nur-Sultan.

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Almaty is one of the former capitals of the second largest USSR country, Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is leapfrogging in some areas and simultaneously is still underdeveloped in others.


High penetration of mobile devices, cheap and blazing fast mobile internet pushes users towards all kinds of internet activities including frequent purchasing via smartphones.

Almaty, Kazakhstan